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WOW! These perfumes are amazing for a fraction of the costs you would pay on the high street! First of all, Sam sent me a perfume list over and straight away I looked for the ones similar to my favourites which are; Alien & Flowerbomb.

It was a really hard choice but I decided to go for the one with the same notes as Flowerbomb (no 20 if you’d like to order) & it’s exactly like it! Sam also knew it was a hard decision for me to decide which one to go with, so she kindly sent me a sample of one similar to Alien to try too – thank you. I would highly recommended as I don’t know why we all pay full price for these when there is no need!

My Review Points;

  • The perfume is in great packaging
  • Smells Amazing
  • Lasts longer than my usual perfumes
  • Smells the same as the real thing!

Why are they such good value?

I asked myself the same thing!

FM Perfumes are in the 6 Fragrance Family groups as every other leading brands throughout the world

In stores most people will tend to buy 3-8% concentrated perfume oil Eau De Toilette, due to the very high costs of buying the actual parfum or eau de parfum versions with higher concentration.

FM Parfum is at least 20% concentrated and FM Eau de parfum is least 16% perfume oil, which means that they last longer than the weaker Eau de Toilette ones!

The reason the costs are so high on the high street is because you are paying for their;

  • Celebrity Endorsements
  • Fancy Packaging
  • Expensive Advertising

To find out more head over to Sams Fragrance page on Instagram & feel free to give her a message for either the perfume lists (mens & Womens) or to become a distributor on her team!

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