Pregnancy & Births

Wow all I can say is…well Wow!

My one piece of advice would be to “have no expectations”. For my first birth I had a set plan i’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to things like this but only your baby will control what is going to happen on their entrance!

Birth One – Boy – Jayden

I was just 18 years old when I give birth to Jayden & I really didn’t know what had hit me. I was just casually doing my A Levels at college (which I managed to complete just in time & passed with DMM). However, I developed a water infection at 36 weeks & my contractions started, examined & I was 4cm dilated however the contractions were very irregular almost like Braxton hicks & then stopped – so the DR said he would prefer him to stay in there as long as he could (I could literally feel how low he was). A few nights stay in hospital & still no contractions had started. I was discharged home…

5 Days later & working from home finalising my A Levels i’d just ate my mums amazing pasta Bolognese. I stood up to get a drink & my waters broke all over her lovely new rug – sorry mum! When I was discharged the dr said; “when he’s going to come he’s going to come fast’….foot down my dad drove me to the hospital while I was contracting very close together in the car.

He got stuck and was facing the wrong way “back to back” (luckily) otherwise I would have most likely had him in the car

…1 Episiotomy later and he was there. I was mostly in shock I think at how fast it had all developed and I wasn’t sure what I was expecting!

He weighed 5lb 12.5 & I stayed in hospital with him for a week as he was early & jaundice. I was advised that having any pain relief would make things worse and Jayden drowsy, the gas and air made me gag so I ended up biting down on the tube the whole way through!

Birth Two – Girl – Maya

This one was like birthing a massive boulder! Oh my days… she came on her due date.

Again my contractions were very varied and went on for a few days, before my husband convinced me to go to hospital to get checked and a good job he did because I stayed there and around 8 Hours later I gave birth to Maya… on the floor.

This was the longest night ever for both of us, we were put in an “active birthing room”, which was no way in my plan at all – I asked for a water birth and it just kept getting delayed. After a good few hours I wasn’t really progressing so the Midwife decided to break my waters & wow as soon as she did it was horrendous my contractions came thick and fast.

Not even half an hour later and Maya was here but I began to bleed so they had to get me into a “proper” side room finally and on a bed finally.

This Birth felt a lot different from the all and I would love to know why to this day!

But she was happy and healthy weighing 8lb 3oz.

Birth Three – Girl – Ava

By this time I knew exactly what I was in for and actually S*** myself! The same happened again where I felt pains but not enough, they almost felt like Braxton Hicks so I could handle them. My husband was working away in London and I went to my midwife appointment, it was nearly my due date. She said “have you been having any pains?”, I said a few but not anything major, she said; “love your 5cm dilated”. Well panic set in then, as it was nearly my due date she said I can do you a stretch and sweep but then it suddenly dawned on me from how fast it can happen previously & my husband working away so I stopped her half way through.

Still a few days later and I was in the same situation! I was now so uncomfortable and fed up, I took myself down to the hospital to be reassessed & met with a Midwife who funnily enough I went to school with! At that point i’d had enough and I didn’t even care, she gave me a stretch and sweep and put me on the ward where they could monitor me. Having a warm bath, I started contracting, began bouncing on the birthing ball and suddenly I felt the urge to push! My husband had gone to the toilet and I was on my own, so I shouted out of the door, the Midwife came in and so did my husband luckily, I was examined and my waters broke at the same time. Within 20 minutes of this happening Ava was born and there was no time to get me into the delivery suite, so I gave birth on the ward.

However, I had a provision in place to canulate me on arrival due to the high risk of me bleeding like my previous birth, but they didn’t expect me to birth as fast. I began to bleed again but luckily after a major rush they got it under control & all my babies are happy and healthy!! 🙂

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