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Having a busy home means I have very little time for ironing, especially with a 1 year old that would literally swing from the legs of the ironing board and iron wire at the moment! So in all honesty I didn’t really iron, we just winged it!

Having seen this Steamer on Instagram; the reviews of how quick and convenient it was, I was sold!

Can you imagine not having to ever home a bulky Ironing Board & Iron again?

The next day, yes the following day (amazing), my steamer arrived and of course as soon as my little gremlins went to bed I got the steamer out to test!

Wow Wow Wow! It was super quick & extremely convenient to just wip out and plug in especially if i’m in a rush.

Safe to say my ironing board and iron are now going to a good home for someone else & in replace will be this handy little gadget!

Safe to say i’ll defo be “steaming” more!

I love it so much it’s an absolute Game Changer, I have an offer code at the top of this page for you to use for 20% off. CLICK HERE to get yours now!

Overall benefits;

  • Quick & easy to use
  • Steam kills germs
  • Easy Storage
  • Suitcase friendly


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